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תמונות של חברים

Photos of our friends and the memory cards they left us. From here we thank you for being our friends and will always be in our memories. whenever they can write to our mail, we will be happy to communicate fuy.

Year 2006

Assaf Linial, Heny Malperin, Erga Kalifa, Peleg Avazelet,Daniel Aviram Ofri Maimon, Dron Brumer, Avi Elmoznino, Gal Meir (01-05-2006)



Orit Vasserberger, Yoav Katz, Lev Rozenshein, Nitzan Aaronson, Amit Geron (27-04-2006)

Year 2005
Ziv, Hadas, Ms. Jaimes and Uvomni. They say the Welcome to our webside

Coming to the " Jaimes House " After handling bicycle (abundances of Mud)

Ziv Feldesh and Hadas from Huaiwash - Per˙

Ziv says: Happy Birthday from Huaiwash's Snow-capped mountains - Per˙

Group of Adventure for Huaiwash - Per˙

Year 2004
They are so many our friends, here a photo of a group of them, in the room of our " Jaimes House ", touching the guitar and feasting a birthday with included cake.

Ros hasanß in the " Jaimes House". They serve a delicious and abundant dinner in company of Ms. Jaimes.

Years 1990 and 1980
David, an english friend, who went for fishing to the ĹLaguna Conocochaĺ with us. David, together with our family (Yuri, Tania, David and Mrs. Jaimes) in the year 1987

Hody 1989
Hody, here in a dinner together with Yuri, Lupe, Tania and Mrs. Jaimes, joined us in the year 1989. He is really a great friend of us. We always will remember him. (Yuri, Lupe, Tania, Hody y se˝ora Jaimes)

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