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Treeking Tours
Climbing tours
Tourism of adventure
We serve our Travel Agency since 2008.

Our routes and destinations make the Casa Jaimes unique, we offer personalized service and unmatched. When you are contacted for their trek to Casa Jaimes, has the confidence of knowing that negotiates directly with the owners / founders of Casa Jaimes and experts from the beginning to the end of your trip. We do not negotiate with third parties or transferred to our expedition to other companies.

We bought camping equipment from top brands and high quality. Our equipment supports proven so sub-zero temperatures and even rain climates. We Jaimes house and we guarantee everything we offer to make your experience as unforgettable Huaraz. Also know that we are a family that has always helped many generations of tourists like you. Our intention is not to earn money for us is more important to be as a family with you. NEVER Charging hard, always charge right and nothing else, you know. And we always offer the best for you.

We organize excursions routes Huayhuash, Santa Cruz, Alpamayo and many other routes. Orient you for acclimatization and we offer adventure tourism such as ice climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, omega, and many more experiences.

Also in our guesthouse Jaimes, you can ask many benefits if you use our travel agency, such as: Wireless Internet and free all the time living in our house, kitchen and cooking products free, release room videos and our safe for your luggage and values is free.

On return from your excursion Huayhuash, Santa Cruz and others, do not charge you if you have room to travel the same day to another city and do chek out the shower and hot water is free. All this if you use our travel agency.

Our staff


Our guides are very experienced and are the best in the area, are selected for their extensive knowledge of all their work, are well trained can provide first aid if required. With them we guarantee that your issue will be very happy and successful, they have the mission to earn your love and have many recommendations of tourists who came with us, these recommendations you can find in our section "only Hebrew."

Cooks (Porters)

They moved all the equipment for your trip, choose the best places to camp, cook and help guide provide everything needed to make your trip very comfortable. They are also the best in the area and cook anything you like and very rich, check.


It is a support staff to our guides and cooks, they are responsible for leading the donkeys and horses, also known camping techniques. They are very experienced and are indigenous to the area they visit. They are also selected only the best carriers for you.


We have tents for two and three, are tested to withstand weather to rain, we have sleeping bags that support up to -10 degrees, we also offer dining tents equipped with tables and camping chairs, toilet tents, large cell coverage, medical supplies and various accessories and other new tools.

All our equipment is new and high quality, bought in each year and we always buy more equipment.

Camping in Huayhuash
Our tent camp with seven bedroom for two people, a kitchen tent and two dining tents.

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