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Huayhuash Classic trek

Located approximately 50 miles south of the Cordillera Blanca, 250 miles northeast of Lima, Huayhuash is considered one of the least known mountain ranges in the world and, simultaneously, one of the most beautiful. It stretches over 30 kilometers north-south, and has a string of snowy peaks of great beauty, including Yerupajá glacial lakes and dozens of incomparable beauty (Carhuacocha, Jahuacocha, Mitucocha, among others)....

The trekking circuit that runs in its entirety and covers nearly 165 kilometers is one of the most spectacular in the world. The route-only road that circles the mountain in full-starts in the town of Chiquián (3,400 m) and takes two days to reach the heart of the mountains. During the journey through five steps open or high, and runs picturesque villages of farmers and ranchers as Llamac, Pocpa, Pacllón Huayllapa and round the mountains to the north, then following its eastern slope and completing the circuit through western side.

Duration: 8 days

Distance: 165 Km Approx.

Optimal date: April to November

Rating: Moderate - Difficult

Starting Point: Cuartelwain

Point of Return: Llamac

Highest point: 5.050 m (Mirador San Antonio)


Day 1: Huaraz - CUARTELWAIN (6 hrs)

Along the way, we have the opportunity to observe Caullaraju glaciers (5686 m), Tuco (5464 m) and southern part of the Cordillera Blanca. We arrived at about 02pm Cuartelwain, where we camped and took a snack. Here we know our porters and mule herders, kicking off our adventure going to Huayhuash.

After a short rest in the meadows climb higher to watch the breathtaking panorama of snow "Rondoy" (5.879 m) and take many photos after we return to camp, here do we spend the night surrounded by breathtaking scenery and night.

DAY 2: CUARTELWAIN - Carhuacocha (13 km, 8 hrs)

This day started with the walk itself, rising to the step "Cacanampunta" (4,750 meters) then descended to a beautiful valley where we can observe the Nevados "Jirishanca Grande" (6.049 m), "Jirishanca Chico" (5.445 m) and "Rondoy"(5.879 meters above sea level.)

Then we go to step "Carhuac" (4,650 m) from here is another breathtaking view of snow "Yerupajá Grande" (6.634 m) and "Yerupajá Chico" (6.121 m). In the fall we can see the lake "Carhuacocha" (4,100 m). We camped close to the lake.

DAY 3: Carhuacocha - HUAYHUASH (13 km, 8 hrs)

This day we started the climb, for which we divided into two groups:

The first group formed by the guide and tourists go in the step "Portachuelo" (4,800 m). Where to find a vantage point called "Siula", where you can observe how splendid the following mountains: "Siula" (6.356 meters), "Carnicero" (5.960 m) and "Jurau" (5.674 m), we can also see the gaps: "Siula", "Quesillococha" and "Gangrajanca."

The second group included carriers, horses and burros shall be by a steep climb named "Punta Carnicero" to descend and the two groups meet again in our camp near a village of Huayhuash (4,350 m).

DAY 4: HUAYHUASH - Viconga (9.5 km, 5 hrs)

Ascend to step Portachuelo de Huayhuash (4,700 m) having an extensive view of the mountains "Carnicero", "Raura" and "Trapecio." Then we can see the snowy mountains of Puscanturpa (5.442 m), while we are on track to Viconga and make our camp. It offers an optional trip to the thermal baths (hot water).

DAY 5: Viconga-Huanacpatay (15 km, 9 hrs)

Perhaps this day is the most difficult of all, we began the ascent to Punta Cuyoc (5,000 meters) from where the glacier "Puscanturpa south" and then descend to the notch "Cuyoc" and then returns to amount to an hour and approximately half the lookout "San Antonio" (5.050 m) from where we observe the following so splendid mountains: "Jurau", "Carnicero", "Siula", "Yerupajá", "Jirishanca" and more like the broken "Cutatambo" . Also you can see the gaps, "Jura", "Sarapococha" and "Santa Rosa".

Then go down a steep and slippery river in the gorge "Huanapatay" with the stunning mountain landscape "Huayhuash" (5.640 m), the Nevado "Diablo Mudo"(5.230 m), snow "Sarapo"(6.157 m ) and "Caramarca" (5.558 m). We camped in Huanacpatay (4.150 m).

DAY 6: Huanacpatay - Huatiac (11Km, 7 hrs)

The days are long but beautiful walk, descend to the river "Huayllapa" just below the notch "Huanacpatay", continuing our way to the village of "Huayllapa". From here we descend through arable land and grasslands to reach our camp in "Huatiac" (4.253 m), with a spectacular view of Mount "Tsacra" (5.548 m).

DAY 7: Huatiac - Jahuacocha (10 kms, 6 hrs)

This day we are on a path not well defined (gauge), as you go along the road improvements on its way by which we come to end "Tapush" (4,800 m). From here, you can see the snowy picture from another "Diablo Mudo". Then descend to a wide valley where we found the lake "Susucocha" rises to end "Yaucha" (4,800 m) and then decreases to the river valley "Achin". We set up camp near the lake "Jahuacocha" (4,100 m) at the foot of the glacier "Yerupajá" (6.634 m) and snow "Jirishanca Norte", "Rasac", "Rondoy Chico." Here we offer an optional excursion to the lakes delighted "Solterococha" and "Rasacocha" found under the snow "Rasac".

Today tourists can enjoy a delicious meal called "roast lamb", cooked in a makeshift underground oven, heated by hot rocks.

DAY 8: Jahuacocha - Llamac - HUARAZ (10 hrs)

We started the climb up a rocky area, leading to our final step to the pampas "Llamac"(4,300 m). Then descend to the village of "Llamac" where we will enjoy a delicious warm meal. Here we say goodbye to our companions the carriers of mules, and then address our bus back to Huaraz.


- Maximum of 12 people per group.

- Reception and transfer from the bus terminal to the hostel.

- A free night at Hostal Casa Jaimes returning from Huayhuash. (Only for staying in our house)

- Free hot shower when returning from Huayhuash (only for staying in our house)

- Trekking Guide.

- First Aid.

- Team Camp (High Mountain Tent, sleeping bag, mat.)

- Cooking Equipment (Dining Tent, chairs, tables, lamps and kitchen utensils)

- Donkeys to carry the customers personal (recommended 10 pounds per person).

- Horse Emergency.

- Private Land Transportation Huaraz / Cuartelwain / Llamac / Huaraz.

- Eating while on the issue (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

- Personalized Care "Jaimes House".

* Meals include: Omelets, soups, fresh fruit, avocado, pasta, meat, chicken. Hot drinks tea, coffee, bread Cuaya and popcorn).


- Payment protection to the villages of Huayhuash

- Personal and trekking and climbing equipment (Goretex pants, jacket, gloves, hats, etc.).


• hiking shoes.

• thermal sock.

• gloves fleece or wool.

• Hat for the sun.

• cold Hat (fleece or other).

• microfiber shirts and thermals.

• blizzard jacket raincoat (goretex or other).

• hiking pants.

• Sunscreen Cream (lips and skin).

• personal kit.

• Photographic equipment.

• wash bag and towel.

• rubber sandals (shower).

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