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Please note the following when you reach the city of Huaraz:

1. Ignoring people waiting at the bus station, which offers to take the Casa Jaimes. We have people doing the job and just wait for you if you contact us in advance by internet or telephone. Many people try to fool you by saying I ve been to the house Jaimes, but try to take you to other places, better not to talk with them. Even some taxis will try to deceive you and take you to other sites is not the house Jaimes. If you take a taxi, note the license plate.

Therefore, to be sure you came to the Casa Jaimes you recommend:

- Communicate with us one day before arriving in Huaraz:
Telephone number 43-422281 question by Mrs. Jaimes, inform us how many people and the bus company to travel then we spend waiting for your arrival in Huaraz.

- You can also send an email to contacts@casajaimes.com. And you let us know when you get to Huaraz to wait at the bus station in Huaraz. We connected from 08:00 am until 21:00 every day of the year.

2. Do not meet people that offer tourist services in the bus terminal to get to Huaraz. These are people who inspire you to travel agencies that are only intermediaries, then do the services they offer, they hire others, and keep some of your money.

We have very safe guesthouse conditioning especially for you and we also have travel agencies that if we make the routes of your choice. We charge what is fair and we do not hire groups of people to other agencies, we ourselves do tour service with very cheerful and experienced people.

Visit our home and find out our prices.

For more information Contact Us }

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